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Celebrating Community: We Got This

During these past months of a global pandemic, our staff and families have been met with unforeseen challenges that required dedicated focus and extraordinary creativity to bring an exceptional and authentic Montessori education to our children.

We're celebrating all of you, your patience and support in the process, and your enthusiasm to bring your children back into our classrooms. Teaching our thoughtful and proven authentic Montessori during the most critical learning period of early childhood, is nothing short of joyous!

The cornerstone of this return back to our "new normal" is that we are prepared. The guidelines of our government health agencies have become as standard as checking our daily lessons. And then we improve on that. Wherever the regulations stand, we are always ready with safety and health at the forefront, and a contingency plan in our pocket.

We have had no reported COVID cases. Kids over 2 years old are highly encouraged to wear masks—it's their new norm! And they are thriving. We had a wonderful summer season of full camps and happy kids!

We will be sending out back to school information shortly. We have a limited number of spots for the '21'-'22 school year. Please click here to schedule a tour.

We are so excited to welcome our HMS families and to continue on the path of a LOVE for lifelong learning.


HMS Staff

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