Initially when we started school shopping, we were extra careful to be completely objective as well as open minded. We looked at another school but we did not feel any connection or warmth at the  classroom observations. The environment was relatively sterile, and frankly quite boring. At HMS  we felt an entirely different vibe, almost like an energetic boost, a positive feeling nonetheless. HMS staff is extremely kind, courteous, and professional, as well as helpful and informative. We have absolutely, unequivocally made a wise decision by choosing HMS. We never once think about the safety of my child while he is at HMS, nor do we think twice  about if we made the correct choice or not. The school has done a great job developing our son’s confidence, focus and independence. HMS we thank you for your great work and dedication. We love HMS and more importantly, our son does too.



Proud parents, '21

Hoboken Montessori has been the perfect place for our daughter to flourish. We saw an incredible transformation in her ability to communicate, concentrate, and retain knowledge, within just a year. The teachers are extremely dedicated to each child’s growth and always keep the parents informed of their child’s progress. The staff found a way to maintain a safe learning environment despite the pandemic. We are so impressed by HMS’ level of professionalism and commitment to the Montessori way! We are so happy to be a part of the HMS family!

Parent, Pre-Primary Student '21

Excellent school- Teachers, classrooms, education and the education methods are top notch. The teachers are compassionate, diligent and very reliable. The classrooms are very clean, organized and cared for by kids and teachers alike. I love the open classroom layout. The education and education methods are Montessori based and although I've not had experience with Montessori education before, over the course of last 3 years, I have come to understand it , appreciate it and want it for my children. The experience of mix age classrooms, the visual, sensory and practical approach to instruction, and the ability to adapt teaching to different levels for each of its students is truly remarkable.


Parent, Primary student '21

Our son has been attending HMS for a year and we are more than grateful. He’s had the most attentive and caring teachers. Throughout the school year, children were not only taught the essential life and academic skills but also had plenty of exposure to nature. One of our favorites was the experience of the butterfly metamorphosis — the children not only got to observe the caterpillars transformed into butterflies but also learned to be compassionate towards nature when the butterflies were gently released in the park. 


Parent, Primary student '21

Our son joined Hoboken Montessori when he was 18 months and we have been thrilled at our decision. He has grown to learn many aspects of independent living coupled with strong academic foundation, but more importantly, his love for learning has blossomed at school. 

The Montessori way of education, personalized lessons and excellent teachers have been a perfect fit for him and his self-development. HMS thrives on a vibrant and committed parent and teacher community that is highly engaged  with the common goal of making the education experience great for all our children. 

Academically, it has been amazing to me how much he has achieved. He started reading and writing at the age of 4. He has learned about continents, countries, and different cultures. At age 5 his math skills have excelled and he is now working on multiplication, division, and the decimal system.

It has been a perfect fit for our son. He enjoys the balance of learning and play.  The focus on self-care has helped his independence. The focus on order and process makes him a contributor at home. And he has learned respect for others that has aided him socially.  The most important aspect of all of this is that he LOVES to go to school.

Next year he will be attending kindergarten at another school, but HMS deserves a lot of the credit for the little man he has become today. 

Amit and Dhawni D., Parent of Pre-Primary student 

Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for HMS. What an outstanding community, what a caring environment, what dedicated educators. The experience has been so positive for both me and my child. We're so lucky that this superb Montessori experience is available to Hoboken families. 

– Lorraine C., Parent of a Primary Student

When construction started on HMS in January of 2011 my daughter walked by daily peering in the windows to see the progress. She started in the primary classroom as a 3 year old and we couldn't be happier. HMS couldn't be a more perfect fit. A shy, reserved girl HMS provided an environment that increased Catherine's confidence and allowed her to shine. Handwriting, geometry, math, science, reading are but a few of the skills she has learned since starting. The teachers focus on the individual developing a plan for each child. Social development is also nurtured encouraging kindness and a strong sense of individual responsibility. Catherine, now 4 wakes up ready and excited for school every day and comes homes with a smile on her face. We are so grateful for HMS.

– Christina & Dan Busca, Parent of a Primary Student

As soon as my husband and I moved to Hoboken in 2010, the first thing we did was to look for schools for our then 1.5-year old daughter. We were thrilled to learn about the Montessori School that was planned to open for the school year in 2011. It worked out perfectly since our daughter would have turned 2 years old by then. Location is great since it’s in Hoboken North (most schools are near Hoboken South), which is only an 8 minute walk from our building. My husband and I were especially impressed with the caliber of teachers. In addition to being Montessori-certified, staffs' education level further differentiates Hoboken Montessori from some other preschools in the area. At the same time, everyone at the school including the Founder, Director and all the teachers are professional and nurturing. Our daughter had a wonderful experience in the Toddler class and has now successfully transitioned into the Primary class. She has become more independent and responsible. She surprises us each day with something new she has figured out at school! The great thing about Montessori is that it enables the kids to investigate, explore and figure out the process by themselves. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful environment! 

– Jeanne L. & Tso-Li H., Parent of Primary Student, Alene H.

We saw a transformation in William during his first month of attending HMS last year. We were amazed, at 3 years old, how focused he was on becoming self-sufficient with everyday life tasks. HMS awakened a curiosity in Will to learn about geography, nature and skills based on math and language. He is so clearly happy and has developed many relationships with friends and faculty, thanks HMS! 

– Mary and Adam F., Parent of a Primary Student, William F.

Our daughter started Kindergarten at HMS this year. She transitioned very easily, thanks to warm and nurturing environment that the school provides. We are very impressed with the quality of Montessori curriculum at HMS. Dedication and diligence of HMS teachers is outstanding

– HH and RH, Parents of a Kindergarten student

It's always stressful sending a child to school for the first time. That's why I was so delighted and relieved after my son's first week at HMS that every time he passed by HMS he would exclaim proudly "that's my school!" You know your child is being inspired to learn in the classroom when they proudly tell you on Friday night how excited they are to have a new lesson the following Monday. Thanks HMS! 

– JG, Parent of a Primary Student