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Our 14th street location is between Park and Garden St. We are on the ground floor of the Garden Street Loft residences and conveniently located with bus service to NYC outside our doors and ferry service three blocks away.  
This location is between 14th and 15th St.We are on the ground floor of 1450 Washington @ Hudson Tea residences with bus and ferry service one block away.  

Hoboken Uptown Locations

Situated across the Hudson River from NYC midtown west, Hoboken Montessori Schools are newly constructed schools on the ground floor of modern condominium buildings. The surrounding area is densely populated with high rises and amenities for families with children. In addition, the development of the Hudson Yards in NYC makes Hoboken and HMS an ideal preschool choice for NYC commuters.

This location is on the corner of 15th and Washington Street. We are on the ground floor at 1499 Washington Street @ Hudson Tea residences with bus and ferry service one block away.  

Transportation to NYC Outside our Doors

We are located within a few blocks of several transportation modes to NYC.

  • Ferry Service: An eight-minute ferry service to NYC is just three blocks away from our North locations.   

  • Bus Service: Bus 126 to Port Authority, NYC is located outside 158 14th Street.

  • Drop Off by Car: We also have a loading zone outside of all of our locations making our locations convenient for parents to arrive by car to drop their children off. There is also metered parking and a parking garage near our locations


Parks and Recreation​

  • Children will enjoy recess walking to nearby Harborside Park as well as walks along the waterfront overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

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