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toddler program

HMS's Toddler Program provides a serene and nurturing environment where toddlers can flourish and feel safe. Our committed teachers communicate in calming tones, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility. Rooted in the Montessori philosophy, every element of our setting is thoughtfully chosen to support holistic development.

The Toddler program prepares children for preschool by offering carefully curated spaces equipped with age-appropriate materials and activities tailored to each stage of development. With a focus on personalized care, we prioritize nurturing each child with love and respect. Transitioning into this new environment can be a significant milestone, especially if it's a child's first time away from their primary caregiver. We take special care to guide each child through this transition. As children become comfortable walking, they transition to spaces that cater to their evolving physical needs.

Read our blog post to learn more about key learning areas during these years.

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Dr. Maria Montessori believed that the child’s brain develops more rapidly during the period from birth to age 3 than at any other time, allowing more learning to take place than any other stage of development.  

Our environment is prepared to meet the developmental needs and high energy levels of children who are transitioning from other programs or entering school for the first time. 
Toddlers crave independence and are eager to learn. They develop confidence as they learn how to hang up their own coat, pour their own water, and clean up their own spills. A growing conviction of “I can do it” grows within the child as they explore their learning environment and engage with a wide range of educational materials designed just for them. We also stress social interaction with other children, the development of language and practical life skills, and movement activities.

The curriculum includes activities to develop fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the use of sensorial materials. Materials, that are easily accessible, safe, and appealing, invite children to move about the classroom freely and choose among a variety of activities. The child’s sense of order is developed with the assistance of an orderly environment where everything has a place. The children are encouraged to put one activity away before beginning another. In addition, a full array of enrichment in music, art, Spanish, and yoga complement the full-time program.

Through the program, each child will learn important life skills including patience and respecting others in a group setting. Each child will also learn essential social skills by participating in group activities that encourage socialization such as circle time and story time. In addition, children learn how to contribute to an orderly and productive classroom environment. They learn how to focus their attention at circle, how to do independent “jobs”, and how to care for themselves, including feeding, dressing, and mastering the use of the restroom.


Outdoor play is part of each full day weather permitting. Toilet training is also introduced at this age in partnership with the parents. A toddler toileting area encourages bathroom independence when your child is ready. 

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