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camp descriptions (6/17- 8/16)

weekly themes


Week 1: Astro Adventurers: 6/17-6/21

Commence your Summer Camp journey at HMS with an exploration of the cosmos, scientific discoveries, and exhilarating astronomical adventures. Allow the wonders of the solar system to spark a passion for space and discovery in the hearts and minds of our young astronomers.

Green Slime

Week 2: Slime Wizards: 6/24-6/28

Get ready to squish, squeeze, and stretch your way through a week of ooey, gooey, colorful slime!Our expert slime instructors will lead campers through a series of hands-on, messy, and incredibly fun activities, unveiling the secrets behind crafting the perfect slime concoction. 


Week 3: Stars & Stripes: 7/1-7/3 (no camp on July 4 & 5)

Join us in tallying the stars and stripes as we guide America on another orbit around the sun, the Montessori way. Campers will illuminate the week by crafting dazzling fireworks that promise to illuminate the night sky!

Girls Swimming Underwater

Week 4: Underwater Odyssey: 7/8-7/12

Dive into the mysteries of the deep blue sea! This immersive camp theme revolves around the enchanting world beneath the waves, offering an exciting exploration of the incredible creatures that call the ocean home.


Couple of Kangaroos

Week 5: The Land Down Under: 7/15-7/19

Prepare for an adventure as we journey to the Outback! Campers will embark on a quest to discover crocodiles, craft boomerangs, and hop their way through this fascinating indigenous continent. Get ready to explore the wonders of the Aussie wilderness in a journey filled with excitement and cultural exploration!


Week 6: Shark Tales and Adventures: 7/22-7/26

Embark on a fin-tastic journey during our Shark Week Camp, an immersive experience designed to captivate the imagination and instill a love for these majestic ocean predators.


Week 7: Fossil finders:  7/29-8/2

Join us for roarsome fun, laughter, and discovery at our prehistoric playground.  Unearth the past, explore the present, and let the excitement of dinosaurs captivate the imaginations of our young adventurers!

Main Avenue

Week 8: Planes, Trains & Automobiles: 8/5-8/9

Join us for high-speed fun, exploration, and learning as our campers put their wheels in motion. Whether it's soaring through the skies, chugging along the tracks, or racing down the road, our campers will experience the joy and marvels of "Planes, Trains, & Automobiles."

Leaning on Rail

Week 9: Ahoy Matey: 8/12-8/16

Raise the sails, chart a course for adventure, and come aboard for a week of maritime enchantment. Where curiosity meets exploration, and young minds transform into enthusiastic stewards of the sea.

puppet 2.png

Week 10: Puppet Palooza: 8/19-8/23

Get ready for lights, camera, and action! Campers will collaborate to craft a puppet show cast that promises to captivate even the tiniest audience member. This exhilarating week will be a showcase of creativity as the curtain gracefully descends on Friday, August 23rd, bringing our summer journey to a spectacular close.

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