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afterschool enrichment classes

Winter/Spring 2023


Hoboken Montessori School’s Enrichment Programs offer our students an in-depth exploration of a chosen subject in a fun, after-school setting.

When: First class begins Monday, February 27th, 2023

Where:1485 Bloomfield Street- Hudson Tea Building

Time: 12 classes 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Please see class descriptions and age eligibility below. Classes are open to HMS Students only.

Monday: Yoga (Eligibility: 3 by December 31st) 

Asana Soul Practice will offer their "Asana Soul Kids" program where your child will start with mindfulness and breathing, followed by sun salutations, and then it's off to imagination yoga! Songs will be paired with storytelling bringing yoga poses to life, from the jungle to the farm to magical fairy lands. Your child will embody yoga poses, move and breathe, in a fun and engaging way!


Tuesday: Art (Eligibility: 3 by December 31st) 

PLAYDAY offers a variety of art activities led by your child’s imagination and guided by our knowledgeable, friendly, supportive staff. Each class is designed to expose children to their creativity while supporting cognitive development, self-confidence, and problem-solving. Art activities range from color explosion, watercolor world, sculpture, drawing, architectural design, and more! Come "play" with us again, at HMS!​

Wednesday: Story Explorers (Eligibility: 4 by December 31st) 

 Mile Square Theatre will be presenting this class to our "story explorers" where they will choose an author and create a play based on the character to include acting, improvisation, and singing each week. The children will have the freedom to make creative discoveries while enjoying some of their favorite characters coming to life. Students will play games and devise their own stories based on their chosen author. Please note this class will be limited to 12 students, ages 4 and up.

Thursday: Broadway Stars (Eligibility: 3 by December 31st)  

Hoboken Children's Theater will be exploring basic music principles and vocabulary (tempo, rest, notes) while utilizing singing voices and learning different songs. Students will also work on musical dance numbers by learning choreography and basic dance moves. Students will combine their singing and dancing with the musical numbers they will learn during this creative and fun-filled program of song and dance.

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