afterschool enrichment classes

Fall 2022


Hoboken Montessori School’s Enrichment Programs offer our students an in-depth exploration of a chosen subject in a fun, after-school setting.

When: First class begins Monday, October 3, 2022

Where:1485 Bloomfield Street- Hudson Tea Building

Time: 10 classes 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Please see class descriptions and age eligibility below. Classes are open to HMS Students only.

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Monday: Mad STEM Explorers (Eligibility: 3 by December 31st) 

STEM is an educational approach that combines the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Using these different elements, these hands-on lessons are developed to help children apply these concepts in the real world. Ever wonder how bridges stand up over water? Or how gravity works? Our students will explore a variety of introductory topics as they learn how science can impact our everyday lives while also building upon their creativity, critical thinking skills, and collaboration.

Tuesday: Dance with Ms. Ashley (Eligibility: 3 by December 31st) 

Let's move together! Ms. Ashley is excited to share her creative movement and basic beginning ballet instruction. Her classes are heavily based on process and the experience of making movements, instead of simply copying the instructor or memorizing steps. Anne Green Gilbert's BrainDance is used as a warm-up to start each class. Cycling through these patterns promotes great cognitive and physical benefits. The fun and interactive curriculum centers upon a universal dance vocabulary of time, space, and energy. Ms. Ashley encourages her students to make their own creative choices while together exploring movement extensively through stories, images, and songs

Wednesday: Chess with Mad Science (Eligibility: 4 by September 1st) 

Schoolhouse Chess brings chess pieces to life using creative and animated personalities that enable students to learn the game in a fun and exciting way. Students become fascinated with imaginative chess characters that accelerate the learning process. Our instructors provide the students with all the materials and supplies needed to cover the rules and strategies of chess. "Gens una sumus"!

Thursday: Art with PLAYDAY(Eligibility: 3 by December 31st)  

PLAYDAY offers a variety of art activities led by your child’s imagination and guided by our knowledgeable, friendly, supportive staff. Each class is designed to expose children to their creativity while supporting cognitive development, self-confidence, and problem-solving. PLAYDAY was created to be a supportive and encouraging space for children to thrive in and out of our classes. These 45-minute art activities range from color explosion, watercolor world, sculpture, drawing, architectural design, and more! Come "play" with us this fall at HMS!​