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health & safety

governance & state licensing

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We take the safety of every child very seriously here at Hoboken Montessori School. By state law, HMS is the only Montessori school in Hoboken, required to obtain a childcare license in order to operate in the State of New Jersey. Our operations are inspected and monitored on a regular basis by the Department of Children and Families, and our license is reviewed and renewed every two years. Governance and oversight helps ensure all staff and school procedures consistently operate according to state laws. 

What does this mean?

Random inspections occur frequently, often times 4-5 times per year.  Representatives from the state monitor the following:

  • staffing ratios are adhered to

  • classroom enrollment and group size limited by age group

  • staff background checks prior to hire and re-checked every two years 

  • staff education requirements for directors and head teachers

  • annual professional development hours requirement for all staff

  • written safety/security procedures

  • fire and lock down drills are routinely practiced

  • buildings inspected and repairs must be completed on a timely basis 

  • first aid supplies & procedures

  • cleanliness (hand-washing procedures, food preparation, toileting etc)

  • radon and water testing

  • park safety

  • any factor that may cause a risk to a child’s health, safety or welfare is reviewed and any infractions must be remedied 

Post inspection we are provided written reports and any infractions have to be remedied immediately.


safety & security

surveilliance sysytem

Our schools are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance cameras in our classrooms, entrances/exits and surrounding areas.

double-entry security system, fingerprint technology

Ensures only authorized parents or guardians gain access to the school.

playground safety

Equipped with perimeter fencing; specialized turf or padding; and cell communications

safety drills

Fire and lock down drills are practiced regularly.

staff training

Safety procedures and drills are reviewed at weekly team meetings; all staff are CPR, First Aide, and AED trained and certified.

staff screening

All staff members are finger printed and background checks are completed.

visitor access

All visitors must have a picture ID’s and name tags issued upon entrance into the facility.

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