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beautiful environments 


beautiful classrooms
meticulously prepared 


Hoboken Montessori classrooms are peaceful, organized and purposeful.

Each room has been carefully planned for flow, allowing easy and

orderly access to the Montessori materials and learning areas.
They are beautiful, child-centered, and developmentally appropriate for each child.

All of our classrooms are equipped with natural wood child-appropriate desks and chairs.

Our shelves are filled with a wide variety of materials designed by Dr. Montessori

to guide each child through the learning process.


passionate staff

HMS Directors and Teachers are passionate about Montessori education. True to an authentic Montessori approach, our teachers are guides and facilitators, not instructors. 
They observe children who are actively engaged in self-directed learning
and move the child to the next steps when they are ready for more. 


The majority of our teachers have undergone, or are in the process of, a demanding, year-long training course offered by the American Montessori Society (AMS). During this course, our Montessori teachers become educated and certified in the Montessori teaching philosophy, Montessori curriculum,

and the use of Montessori material. 


we'd love to show you how to set your

child up for a lifetime of learning.

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