COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures 

We are excited to re-open our campuses for the 20-21 Academic Year on September 8, 2020 and continue our mission to provide an authentic Montessori education for our students. We can't wait to see your children in person and welcome them back into the classrooms.

Our highest priority continues to be the safety of our students, staff, and families. HMS follows strict guidelines as a licensed facility. We have received the licensing requirements for reopening from the NJ Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) and NJ Department of Health (DOH) with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

We are collaborating with a network of Montessori schools (, sharing best practices about how to maintain the Montessori philosophy while working within the prescribed guidelines. We will monitor the schools that open before we do to learn from their experience and find the ways we can best ensure your child’s safety.

Using these guidelines and best practices, we have developed the following protocols necessary to return to school and minimize the risk of illness to our community.

Washing Hands
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HMS COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols 

Screening & Admittance Protocols

Hand Sanitizing will be required prior to entering and leaving the building for all staff and children. 


Drop off times will be staggered by classroom in 15 minute intervals. 

Parents will be required to wait in the pick up area to drop off and pick up their child. 


Temperature checks and screenings will be required for each staff member and child upon arrival. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 (38.0C) or above, or other signs of illness, will not be admitted into the facility.

Stay home if sick. Parents must be on the alert for signs of illness in their children and to keep them home when they are sick for at least 48 hours.

HMS will be required to submit logs on attendance and screening results to the Office of Licensing on a daily basis

If your child has traveled to a high-risk area, please stay home for 14 days and follow all CDC travel guidelines.

Groups Size Limits & Social Distancing Measures 

Children shall be grouped into groups of no more than 15. Group size may change depending on licensing requirements and guidelines.

Groups of children will stay with the same staff every day in the same assigned classroom.


Outdoor time will be staggered and each child will be required to wash hands upon return


Students who require naps will be at least 6 feet from other students.


No visitors will be allowed in the building during school hours.


Safety & Hygiene Inside the School 

Hand washing for each child upon arrival and through certain intervals during the day.

Staff shall be required to wear cloth masks while working unless doing so would inhibit the individual’s health.

When feasible, children shall be encouraged to wear cloth face coverings within the school. Cloth face coverings will NOT be put on children under age two or during nap times. 


Gloves will be worn while changing diapers, handling food, or other high contact activities

Hand washing will be required after working with each child. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing Procedures 

Frequent cleaning, disinfecting and sanitization of classrooms and common areas  throughout the day

Sanitizing pumps in each classroom and common areas.


Children's bedding and nap mats are stored individually and separated by 6 ft. 

Food Preparation and Meal Services

Staff must ensure children wash their hands prior to and immediately after eating. 

Parents must provide lunch. We encourage disposable utensils and brown bagged lunches. HMS will not be using an external lunch provider.

Children and staff will be required to wash hands before and after lunch.

Outdoor Time & Off Site Activities


Field trips and other off-site activities are prohibited, with the exception of off-site activities within walking distance of the facility.


While outdoor play time is permitted on shared playgrounds with conditions, HMS plans to conduct walks and utilize the open areas near the school for outdoor activity.

Classroom Management 


Children will be escorted to the classroom by an employee who is part of the check-in process or your child's teacher. 

Once in classrooms, the children will stay in the room for the day unless it is outdoor time.  Each classroom has its own restroom. 

Your child will go to the sink and wash their hands before the beginning of their day, before and after snack/lunch, and after recess. 


Each child will be assigned their own work rug labeled with their name and assigned a table in the classroom. The table is where the child will do any table work they choose and where they will eat snack and lunch. The rug will be stored in your child's cubbie when not in use. 

When a student is done with a work, they will bring it to the cleaning station where a staff member will clean the material before being returned to the shelf. 

Every child will have their own work bin containing their own colored pencils, erasers, and other supplies they may need. 


Licensing & Inspections 

Our operations are inspected and monitored on a regular basis by the Department of Children and Families. Governance and oversight helps ensure all staff and school procedures consistently operate according to state laws and provides our families with an additional level of comfort and security.


For additional COVID-19 Healthy & Safety Protocols FAQ's, please click here.