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Montessori Activities at Home Over the Holidays

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

As we get ready to end another calendar year here at HMS, we are busy with classroom activities that are so special to the annual traditions the children love and will remember throughout their life. Activities, crafts and projects are very intentional, infused with the same care and approach that we practice every day in our authentic Montessori classrooms. Now that families will have time off together and lots of opportunities to create fun holiday memories, we wanted to share some ways to keep the Montessori continuity at home.

We assembled a few of our favorite articles that have some excellent content to help guide your at-home planning over the holiday break.

The Montessori Notebook: Creating holiday rituals with your children

Rituals are very important for young children and are likely to be those things they'll look back fondly on as they grow up. Creating rituals in our families, specifically towards the end of the year, the festive season, is a great way to keep the theme of appreciation and care in our vision.

  1. Making

  2. Baking

  3. Feasting

  4. Sharing

  5. Collecting

  6. Donating

  7. Sending


Mama's Happy Hive: 8 Montessori Inspired Christmas Activities

This blog post puts together a great list of activities for toddlers and preschooler to enjoy, and calls out some of the Montessori outcomes, like developing fine motor skills, or practical life work.

8 Montessori Inspired Christmas Activities will keep everyone busy with activities like:

  1. Decorating the Tree - Fine Motor Work

  2. Creating a Metal Inset Christmas Card

  3. Christmas Lights Color Match

  4. Practical Life Work - Pouring Red Beads

  5. Russian Nesting Doll Kid Painted Stick Christmas Tree

  6. Snowman Button Transfer

  7. Threading Bell Ornaments


How We Montessori: Montessori Christmas Activities

This blogger believes "the best Montessori' activities for Christmas include baking Christmas treats (always Gingerbread!) and making gifts by hand". Here are a few ideas in their post Montessori Christmas Activities to bring some Christmas to your home. They aggregate some wonderful ideas from other popular Blogs, including Montessori inspired prints, Montessori Mystery Bag, and Christmas-themed knob cylinder work.

We wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday! Cheers from HMS!

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