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Fall Survey: Parent Feedback on HMS

We're always striving to be the best early education choice for families, especially as we've all had to pivot, adapt and persevere in challenging times unlike we've ever known. Now in our 3rd month of reopening after 6 months of a Covid-related shutdown, we feel and see in our hearts that the children are happy and we're succeeding in our commitment to safety while providing an authentic Montessori education. Our most important barometer is actual feedback from our HMS parents, and we'd like to share some of the results.

HMS Parent Survey: November 2020

We had a great turnout, with nearly 40% of our families participating in the survey. The responses are split almost evenly between Primary and Pre-Primary parents, with a small percentage of Kindergartner parent responses. Children's names have been removed from comments to provide anonymity.

Satisfaction with in-person Montessori

86% of parents : exceeds expectations; 14% meets expectations; 0% needs improvement

What do you like, and what can be improved?

"I enjoy the efficiency and transparency." "It is amazing to see how our child's development has accelerated the past few months and she lights up when she sees her teachers and friends at school." "The Friday recaps from the teachers are fantastic. We are very happy with the school and the wonderful teachers!" "We chose Hoboken Montessori for the program but we are overly impressed with how the school has adapted to the current guidelines while keeping to the original framework." "Although we can not visit the classroom, the Remi app allows us to have a look at what is happening during each lesson. Love that there was virtual work with Liberty Science Center." "I like the combination of group activities and independent learning/work."

"Wonderful teacher who is so attentive and who my child loves. She is very excited to go to school every day and I can already see that since September, she is learning so much."

"I can see her developing new skills in line with what is being taught at school and I love that she's socializing in such a warm environment with her teacher and classmates." "We're only two weeks in, but feel connected to our child's classroom experience (in spite of COVID and lack of access) which is strongly helped by Remini and teacher communication/feedback. Very happy with our experience."

"We are really happy with our child's growth due to her teachers and HMS."

Was your Parent/Teacher conference informative and helpful in assessing your child’s progress?

100% Yes response

How can we improve?

"No ideas come to mind. It was well done." "More time allotted for PT conferences and more opportunities for check ins. Perhaps a Virtual tour of the classroom to see the different activities/areas of the classroom during a future check in?" **Our new virtual tour video is now available!

"We agreed with the feedback and HMS gave us some constructive answers on how to handle certain situations. They also offered ideas on what to work on with our child over the holidays."

"We are an extremely happy HMS family, happy to be a part of the school, and only have positive things to say. We feel very safe at school in light of the new Covid protocols. Also, we absolutely love the Remini app and how often it is updated."

"It was very good, maybe make them a little longer is possible since there are fewer children in the class at the moment?"

"You guys are awesome! ;)" Thank you to all the wonderful parents during this time of adaptation. Many of you wrote additional comments with absolute gratitude for the efforts put forth to make this learning transition a positive and healthy experience. We can't do it without you so, many thanks —"it takes a village" has never been more resonant!

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