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Materials Spotlight: Matching Objects to Pictures

What is the purpose of matching objects to their correct picture in a Montessori classroom?

The purpose of object to picture matching in the Montessori classroom helps the child develop a sense of abstract thinking, a skill that is essential for reading. It allows children to make the connection that what they hold in their hand is the same as what they see in the picture.

When can this work be introduced to a child?

This is a fundamental lesson that is typically introduced to the child when they enter a Pre-Primary classroom, around 18 months of age. Object to picture matching comes after a child has mastered matching object to object.

What skills will a child gain by working with this work?

When a child works on their matching skills they are beginning to develop their visual discrimination skills. Completing this work helps instill order, deep concentration, and elongate a child's cycle of activity. The young Montessorian may also build their oral language skills by naming what they are matching.

Are there an extensions available for this work?

Yes! Once a child has mastered this work there are many extensions available to them. A child can begin to look a bit deeper at the given picture to identify the colors he/she sees. They may also begin listening for the picture or objects beginning sound and locate that sound with the Movable Alphabet. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the wonderful Montessori language program!

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