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Material Spotlight: Teen Board

What is the Teens Board?

The Teen's Board introduces a child to the concept of place value. Prior to introducing this lesson, the child will need to have a solid understanding of numbers 1-10. This coveted Montessori work allows a child to combine a golden 10 bar with the numerals one through nine to form numbers 11-19. This material makes the relationship between the ten and the unit very clear.

How is this work completed?

First the child is introduced to the work using only the beads to recognize quantity. Next, the child is introduced to only the board. When the child works with only the board they are practicing recognizing the numeric symbol of numbers 11-19, both in and out of order. Lastly, the child combines the two to unify both the quantity and the symbol of a teen number. After th child repeats this lesson many times the “1” in front of the teen number becomes less arbitrary and more meaningful to the child.

Are there ways to vary this activity or create an extension?

Yes! You can incorporate tangible money into working with the Teen's Board. Using dimes and penniess a child can gain familarity with counting by tens by using dimes in place of a golden 10 bar and units using pennies in place of a colored bead bar. A child can also explore the concept of greater than and less then when working with the tangible beads.

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