HMS Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Mikey

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Primary Head Teacher

Please share a little background about yourself:

I am a Korean American from Queens, NY. I attended Hunter College in NYC and graduated as a Studio Art major. I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, flag football and many other team sports. My wife and I enjoy spending time with family and friends, discussing all the new tv shows on Netflix and why I will stick to my usual “The Office” seasons 1-4.

How did you discover Montessori?

I heard many great things about the Montessori philosophy of teaching. Someone had identified that my teaching style and patience would be valuable in a Montessori classroom. I took the accelerated certification program at Westside Montessori School and found so many teachers with the same excitement as I did. I moved to New Jersey and was fortunate enough to find Hoboken Montessori School.

What inspired you to become an educator? I started working with children when I was 16 and knew that working with children was always a passion of mine. I taught abroad in South Korea for 3 years and really discovered how much fun it is to build a child's joy for school. It was always important to me that learning is more of a fun experience than mindless repetitive work. Helping a child to be themselves and still be understood and loved will always be a goal I strive for.

What is your favorite area in the Montessori classroom? I greatly enjoy Montessori Art and the process rather than the product. Though this may sound silly, but I love how awkward and wonky a child’s work looks because perfection is never what art was meant to be. A very close second would be Practical Life. Teaching real life skills at such an early age is probably the most practical skill a parent could ever ask for.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like to watch comedy shows and play video games. I like to shop for urban street wear and lately this habit has become worrisome. I greatly enjoy playing my guitar and singing covers of songs that I can't get out of my head. Also, the occasional night out to dinner and doing karaoke with friends is always a good time.

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